V-Whey Vs. Traditional Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the primary proteins found in dairy products, the other is casein. Whey protein is a product that is usually derived from a cow, meaning it is not vegan-friendly.

At California Performance Co we want to revolutionise the sports nutrition industry and prove that high performance and low environmental impact can work together.

To do this, we use non-animal whey from Perfect Day. It’s identical to whey protein from cow’s milk and is made using microflora, plants and science.

Our whey protein is not only animal-free, it is a more sustainable, tastier and kinder whey protein than your traditional whey alternative. Find out more about the process here.

Why Choose V-Whey?

There are a number of reasons why V-Whey should be your number one choice of protein. The fact that it’s cruelty free whey and cuts out the need for dairy farms is a win for the world, but what other benefits does it offer?

V-Whey, despite being real whey protein, is actually lactose free. This makes it perfect for anyone avoiding whey protein due to a lactose intolerance.

Standard whey protein has hormones, specifically bovine growth hormone, which is a hormone dairy farmers use to increase milk production in cows. Our V-Whey does not have these hormones. As well as this, unlike traditional whey protein, V-Whey is soy free.

Our V-Whey is changing the way the world does whey. It is a high quality, low impact, sustainable product. You will no longer being left to choose between the harsh taste and texture of plant-based protein vs. the animal impact of traditional whey.

V-Whey has the creamy taste, texture and nutrition you know from traditional dairy whey, whilst being vegan and environmentally friendly.

Our production process creates 99% less blue water usage, 97% less emissions, and 60% less non-renewable energy use than traditional protein production.

A win for you. A win for the world.

Shop all flavors of V-Whey protein here.

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