How to re-introduce dairy into your diet?

If, like me, you’ve been vegan for a while, you might find that dairy can make you feel a bit queasy. Our revolutionary whey protein, while made using an animal-free process, still contains dairy. Don’t worry though, our V-Whey is lactose, gluten and hormone free.

Re-introducing dairy slowly is key to ensuring you don’t end up feeling a bit unwell along the way. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Start Small

We know that you’re choosing V-Whey because it’s animal free, but if you’ve been vegan for a while, you might overwhelm your body if you jump straight in with a full serving of dairy protein.

Start with half a scoop and see how you feel.

I would recommend trying V-Whey for the first time when you don’t have any plans that day. That way if you do end up feeling out of sorts, it won’t impact your plans or ruin anything you’d been looking forward to.

2. Gradually Increase Your Serving

You should increase the amount of V-Whey you have very slowly. Eventually working your way up to a full scoop, or maybe even two if you’re looking to pack in the protein!

You should also consider taking it week by week. Week 1, you only have V-Whey on Monday, week 2, you can have some Monday & Tuesday and so on.

Everyone’s bodies are different and will tolerate different amounts of dairy. You will know which method suits your needs best.

3. Try Different Ways of Consuming V-Whey

If you’re worried about how drinking the protein might make you feel, you can try and work it into some of your favorite recipes.

Why not add V-Whey into your baked oats, cookies or banana bread. We have lot’s of great recipes you can try here.

Remember, this is just a caution! Our whey protein is lactose free, so might not upset your gut at all.

You might be absolutely fine and want to have the protein powder everyday from the off – if this works for you, that’s great too!

If you have any issues, or need any more advice, don’t be afraid to reach out.

You can email us at: or drop us a DM on Instagram here.

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