Gooeylicious Vanilla Oatmeal

Wakey wakey it’s time for brekkie!

Fueling your body the right way is key for anyone looking after their body, whatever your goal is.

But eating healthy doesn’t mean it needs to be boring!

So spice things up with our favorite oatmeal recipe…

Ingredients for oatmeal

For the toppings : Berries, sesame seeds, goji seeds, chopped pecan nuts, coconut flakes.


So easy peasy to prepare!

  1. Boil the milk in a pan
  2. Add the oats, protein powder, baking power and salt
  3. Stir in until the texture becomes gooey, then remove it off the heat
  4. Poor the mixture in a bowl and add the smashed raspberry on top
  5. Add all your toppings (yummyyyyy)

Et voilà, you are all set!

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